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Rubaiyat has become a leader in custom designed stained glass commissions in architectural, religious, and residential settings.


Stained glass has endless opportunities in your home. We strive to provide you with a design that will be unique to you and you home. Besides the standard applications, such as leaded glass for sidelights and entryways, stained glass can be used in a variety of ways and places. You may have some odd shaped windows which do not lend themselves well to blinds or you may want to let natural light in while still having privacy. Stained glass windows offer the perfect solution. We can create inserts for your kitchen cabinets, back bar, or china cabinets. Another popular choice is to have your family crest or coat of arms done in stained glass and backlit for stunning effects. Stained glass window can add sophistication and a timeless element to any home and if produced correctly can add value as well.


Rubaiyat Studio has created custom church stained glass windows, doors and panels for congregations of many denominations. There are countless options to incorporate stained glass into your church. We have also provided both denominational and non-denominational windows for chapels in schools, in hospitals and in seniors homes. At Rubaiyat Stained Glass Studio, we can create murals, biblical depictions, contemporary and abstract windows that will evoke spirituality or meditative calmness. We will be happy to work with you to create the perfect stained glass addition to your church, be it large or small.


Stained glass can provide unique character to a building, match a specific aesthetic, or create a visual centrepiece for a restaurant or office. Whether your project is large or small please don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about how stained glass might work for your needs. Architects and designers who plan for the inclusion of stained glass in commercial projects generally use this medium to tie the whole project together. Great architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright very rarely designed any sort of building without including some stained glass to allow the occupants and visitors to the space the luxury of gazing upon some spectacularly designed art glass pieces. Rubaiyat Stained Glass has worked with many of the cities top designers and architects to help them bring their visions to life.


As stained glass lends itself to being lit artificially, over the years we have created beautiful small piece lamps for many residences as well as large chandeliers for mountain lodges, senior residences and banking institutions. They can transform large impersonal places into far more welcoming and intimate spaces. They can be designed and built to appropriate scale and enhance any setting and function.


Stained Glass Restoration is a process where a leaded stained glass window or an individual section requires extensive restoration to bring back the structural strength and integrity of the leaded support matrix. The actual glasses that are stained, painted, etched and enamelled glasses are considered to be the original artwork, the lead is merely a structural component to hold all of the glasses in place. Whenever and wherever possible the original glasses should be preserved and maintained to protect the artwork. Therefore, the replacement of the lead while maintaining original glasses will still allow your window to be original and preserve the historical value of the window. A true Restoration will be a much more detailed and precise process than a simple re-leading. Re-leading is simply the swapping out of the lead cames while a restoration goes farther and is designed to preserve original and historic artwork in a reversible manner and should be done with a “do no harm” approach.We understands the difference is in the smallest of details and that our dedicated team of expert artisans and craftsmen will ensure your restoration is executed with the utmost of care. Our skilled team of artisans is capable of full reproduction of hand painted glass including enamelling and the application of stains.

Beveled Glass

Rubaiyat Stained Glass has designed many unique traditional bevelled glass panels. Most designs feature the use of beautifully hand cut bevelled glass pieces. When the light shines through these pieces an incredible prism is produced which brightens up the room with a rainbow of light. The beveled pieces can then be combined with clear textured glass or sometimes coloured stained glass to produce stunning results. Our clients love the elegant and timeless look that bevelled glass brings to any room or area of your home.


Stained glass landscapes expand the definition of what stained glass can be, depicting gorgeous, detailed landscapes in a variety of styles. Using primarily hand-ladled sheet glass, we painstakingly select appropriate colour mixes and textures to enhance the dimensional aspects of the design. As the quality and direction of the light changes throughout the day so changes the landscape.

Commissioned or Custom work

The majority of our stained glass projects are custom ordered and custom designed for a particular client and a particular place. We strive to encompass our client’s needs and vision into a design that provides a beautiful and unique result. We are able to work along side architects, designers, contractors, and committees to arrive at a consensus of ideas and then continue on to bring the project to fruition.

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